Professional Video Biography Preserve your life story and family memories for future generations!


In your life, who's story needs to be told?

A Video Biography DVD will honor and preserve your (or a special family member's) legacy...carefully documenting the most significant lifetime events and family history.

Your children, grandchildren and all who follow will be eager to learn about your lifestyle and family heritage. They will be curious to know who your best friend was, what school was like, the first time you fell in love, your first told in your words and your voice.

The process includes a personalized, professionally videotaped interview in the comfortable surroundings of your home or office. This heart-warming and inspiring life story will be supported by photos, music and any historical documents or archival material you choose to include.

Why create a video biography?

  • Perhaps you want your children or grandchildren to get to know your parents or grandparents as well as you capturing the unique character, history, values and traditions of the people you love most. Rescue the records of your family's past, and bring generations together.
  • To preserve your stories and memories so that they may be handed down as a legacy to future generations of your family. Reflect back on your life and share with loved ones what you have learned.
  • To commemorate a special event or occasion (a birthday, anniversary, wedding, family reunion, or retirement party).
  • To memorialize and pay tribute to someone you love who is no longer alive.
  • To tell the story of the family business, a retired executive, or a company's history

These are just a few of the reasons dac Video Productions can help you bring your stories to life in a sensitive, thoughtful and entertaining way, and ensure that your favorite memories will not be forgotten.

A Video Biography makes a cherished gift that will last a's perfect for that "hard to buy for" person in anyone's family!

dac Video Productions serves clients nationally and also provides complimentary, in-person consultations for people located in Westlake, Rocky River, Bay Village, Avon, Avon Lake, North Ridgeville, Sheffield, Elyria and other Northeast Ohio cities including Cleveland, OH.

Our Process

At your first consultation with dac Video Productions, we will determine the scope of services for your project. You will then receive a video biography interview question booklet, which can be reviewed by the person(s) being interviewed to outline the important life milestones and evoke the memories and stories of your life. We encourage you to jot down notes so that all of the important elements are covered during the interview. This is also the stage of the project to identify and gather photos, slides, film reels, video clips, music, and important documents/ memorabilia that we may use to augment the biography with authentic details of your life. We can place still pictures into the narrative or play some of you favorite, special memory music in the background to add some extra flavor to the biography.

The next consultation is a pre-interview, where we review the questionnaire, discuss goals for the project, and review any photos, film, videos and other treasured resources that you wish to include in the documentary.

We arrive at your location with our digital video equipment to film your story based on the project plan we worked out in the preliminary consultation(s). We will require about an hour to set up the equipment and prepare for the interview by reviewing any notes you may have jotted down for us. We'll need one electrical outlet and a comfortable area with adequate lighting and no noise in which to conduct the interview. Usually, a living room is perfect.

The total time of our visit ranges from 1-4 hours, depending on the type of biography you've selected. Of course, if you have a great deal to say, our visit may need to be longer. We can continue as long as you feel comfortable. Or we can schedule a return visit. We'll also conduct interviews with other family members during our visit (if appropriate to your project).

dac Video Productions will use the interviews to create a storyboard, or outline, for the biography project. At this time, film and video clips are transferred to digital video format, and photographs/slides/documents are scanned in order to be used in the production. The length of the final program can be as short as thirty minutes or as long as one and one half hours, depending on the package you've selected. Customized, longer biographies can also be created if ninety minutes is not enough time to cover everything.

Using the storyboard as a guide, dac Video Productions weaves together excerpts from the interview with the pictures, film and video clips, music and other documents you've provided. We'll also create a custom Title Page and add any text captions you've identified for your project. This phase of the project usually takes 3-5 weeks.

At this stage, you will have the opportunity to review the production in draft form. Minor editing or "tweaks" can be done at this time. Extensive changes will incur additional charges at our hourly editing rate.

Upon approval, we will design a DVD for your biography, with customized menus, chapters, and packaging. We can also create a digital archive CD of all of the scanned photos, slides, and documents used in the project, as well as an archive DVD of any film or video clips.

We will author the DVD, make the number of copies you requested, and return all of the original materials to you. Your custom Video Biography will then be yours to enjoy with family, friends and future generations!

Video Biography Packages

We offer three Video Biography packages to meet your needs. We can also create a custom Biography if your story and original resources (pictures, films, documents, etc.) require a more extensive project.

Pre-Production Consultation X X X
Interview Questions X X X
Filmed Interview
Length up to
1 hour
up to
2 hours
up to
3 hours
Interviewees one-on-one up to 2 people entire family
(at one location)
Edited video for final production 30 - 45
45 - 60
60 - 90
Project Resources
Home Movie Films / Video Clips up to
2 clips
up to
5 clips
up to
10 clips
Photos / Slides / Negatives
Photo Optimization (cropping, color correction)
Image Repair (if necessary)
Panning & Zooming (the "Ken Burns" effect)
up to 50
up to 150
up to 250
Personal Documents
(birth notice, diplomas, newspaper clippings, etc.)
1 doc up to
2 docs
up to
5 docs
Background Music
Royalty free music from dac Video library
Custom: you supply your own music (1)
or MIX and MATCH!
up to 3 songs
or music selected by editor
up to 7 songs
or music selected by editor
up to 10 songs
or music selected by editor
DVD Authoring Options
DVD Menu
(Opening Screen and Chapter Selection)
dac Video library
video image or photo
video image or photo
DVD Navigation Buttons Custon Thumbnail
w/ still image
w/ moving image
Menu Background Music
Royalty free music from dac Video library
Custom: you supply your own music
dac Video library Custom (1) Custom (1)
Chapter Points
(scene specific)
up to
up to
up to
Introductory Title Screen Themed
dac Video library
video image or photo
video image or photo
Text Captions
(add text to enhance your video)
up to
up to
up to
Transitions Between Photos
the visual connection between
adjacent video/still clips
Simple Simple, Special Effect Simple, Special Effect
Other Video or Audio Effects N/A N/A Advanced
consult w/ editor
DVD Label
w/ title and short description
white background
dac Video Library
DVD Case Slim-Line Slim-Line Slim-Line
Jewel and DVD (tall) cases w/ inserts are also available;
see Additional Services for information
Discount for complete submission
of digital images
(no scanning required)
15% 15% 15%


All packages can be further customized ... please see Additional Services for details.

Our Video Biography FAQ section answers your questions about our process and provides helpful hints for organizing materials and preparing for a biography project.

(1)   A note about using songs from commercial CDs:

You must have the legal authority to reproduce any audio/video material you submit for inclusion in your project.  Before we will use a song from a CD, the copyright holder has to be paid for their work. When you provide the materials to include on your video, be sure to also send along the original CD(s) for the songs you want. Not only will this digital original provide you with the best quality dub onto your video, but it also ensures that the original artist was paid. If you don't own the CD for the songs you want included on your video, we will download and purchase the songs for you.