Expert VHS and Camcorder video transfers and conversions to DVD


Relive those forgotten memories!

Why not dust off those piles of unmarked, old camcorder know, the ones with all the family vacations, childhood milestones and memories, birthdays, holidays...the ones you haven't looked at in years! Or how about that VHS tape from your Wedding Day…the one that is slowly deteriorating while sitting on the shelf in your family room?

dac Video Productions can help you transfer your videotapes in two ways:

  1. A straight transfer of your tape(s) to DVD (most economical), or
  2. An authored DVD complete with a themed DVD Chapter Selection menu.
We'll even remove those unwanted blue or static screens generated when a video camcorder or recorder is turned on and off, as well as any obvious blank segments of the video (you know...the footage accidentally taken with the lens cap still on or the shots of the ceiling and floor (we've all done it!).
An authored DVD can also afford you the capability to customize and enhance your production, with options such as:
  • custom title screens
  • custom DVD menus, complete with still or motion thumbnail chapter selection buttons
  • custom chapter points, allowing you to skip to any specific scene (or chapter) in the DVD
  • custom text captions
  • custom DVD labels
  • custom video editing

Get into the digital age! Convert your precious tapes to long lasting DVD videos to share with family and friends...before they fade away!

dac Video Productions serves clients nationally and also provides complimentary, in-person consultations for people located in Westlake, Rocky River, Bay Village, Avon, Avon Lake, and other Northeast Ohio cities including Cleveland, OH.



Time and use are not kind to your VHS, Beta, 8mm video or even Mini DV tapes

With the convenience and popularity of videotapes, most of us assume our special video recordings are permanent. But in fact, videotapes lose part of their picture and sound signal each time you play them. Even if you don't play them that often, the signal is steadily deteriorating and lasts only 10-15 years. Too often we have seen someone bring in a precious videotape that no longer has sound or has ‘snow’ running through the middle of the screen and there is no way to recover the picture or audio once it is gone!

Prevention is the solution

By having your precious videos converted now, before they deteriorate, you will keep your favorite memories alive in the highest quality possible. The capability of a DVD disk to store high quality digital audio and video far exceeds what is available on the standard VHS or 8mm video format. And unlike videotapes, the digital recordings on DVD are designed to last well over 100 years!

The capacity of a DVD is 4.7GB, which is large enough for 2 hours of DVD-quality video. The best video quality is achieved with 1-2 hours of recorded video per DVD (see table below). More than 2 hours of video can be put on a DVD...but the quality of the video and audio will be compressed in order to allow everything to fit on the DVD. That's why we recommend a maximum of 2 hours of video per DVD.

Supported Video Formats:

  • VHS, VHS-C
  • Digital 8, Hi 8, Video 8
  • Mini DV
  • Betamax

 Video Resolution Comparison:
 Transfer Type
Compares to:
 Extra High Quality
1 hour
704 x 480
 Standard Quality
2 hours
704 x 480
 Long Play
4 hours
352 x 480
 Extra Long Play
6 hours
352 x 240

Our Process

dac Video Productions offers several options for transferring video to DVD:


Archival DVD (Direct Transfer)

  • Our most cost-effective service, especially if you are primarily interested in archiving your video tapes to a more durable and longer lasting media
  • Up to two hours of your video tape is transferred to DVD "as is"
         NOTE: video from extra source tape(s) can be included on your DVD; additional charges will apply
  • DVD will automatically begin playing when you insert it into your DVD player (without a DVD menu).  Think of it as working the same way a VHS videotape does when inserted into a VCR
  • Disc Label:  basic label (black lettering on white background) printed on disc's surface
  • Disc Case:  slimline jewel case

Authored DVD

  • Create a "Hollywood-style" production, complete with themed DVD Menu.
  • Up to two hours of video from a single, source tape is transferred to DVD "as is" (we'll remove blue, static screens, as well as any obvious blank segments)
         NOTE: video from extra source tape(s) can be included on your DVD; additional charges will apply
  • You select the Title name for your DVD production
  • Themed DVD Title Menu with "PLAY" button
         NOTE: simple Chapter Selection buttons may be shown on DVD Title Menu if multiple videos are
          transferred for the same DVD
  • Chapter marks are inserted at 5 or 10 minute intervals so that you can skip scenes without having to watch the entire movie.
  • You can use your remote control's "skip" buttons ("Next" or "Prev") to quickly navigate through the DVD’s chapter marks
  • Disc Label:  themed label printed on disc's surface
  • Disc Case:  slimline jewel case

Regardless of which DVD option you choose, you can always add 'ala carte' features to meet your specific needs.  Please see our Additional Services for details.

Our Video Transfer FAQ section answers your questions about our process and provides helpful hints for organizing and preparing your tapes for a video transfer project.