Your source for comprehensive Digital Image Solutions, including Photo, 35mm Slide and Film Negative Scanning; Photo Restoration; Digital Slide Show Movie DVD's


Transfer your Photos, 35mm Slides and Negatives to an archival CD or DVD

Organize your photos, 35mm slides and/or negatives and protect them from fading, discoloring, and archiving them digitally to CD or DVD.

Once scanned to digital format, you will always have a "negative" as long as you have your disc.

Your images will be organized so there's no more digging through boxes of hard to find photos. You can have new prints made at your local photo processing center, share them with family and friends through e-mail, or we can make prints for you. We can also turn your photos into a Digital Slide Show Movie DVD or Photo Montage which can be enjoyed on your TV or PC!

Order a second copy of your disc to safe keep your precious memories...The disc will easily fit in your safety deposit box or fireproof chest.

Photo Restoration Services

Photo's damaged or need adjusting? Want to experiment with different tones or effects? Change the background? dac Video Productions can help!

  • Image manipulation: (red-eye removal, brightness/contrast, color balance, sharpness adjustments; application of filters, special effects)
  • Significant Image Repair: removal of scratches, spots, dust, tears, etc.

dac Video Productions serves clients nationally and also provides complimentary, in-person consultations for people located in Westlake, Rocky River, Bay Village, Sheffield, Sheffield Lake, Elyria, and other Northeast Ohio cities including Cleveland, OH.

Comprehensive Scanning and Digital Image Services from dac Video Productions

Photo Scanning to CD, DVD

We provide comprehensive photo scanning and archival services. We'll take your pictures, scan them, and return them to you along with a CD or DVD containing high resolution digital images of your photos. Once on disk, your photos can be shared and preserved for generations to come.

We can scan all sizes of print photos and organize them by "chapters" for you. Each disc will contain your photos in 300 dpi, 24 bit full color data in JPEG format. (We can also provide your images in TIFF file format, but your file sizes will be considerably larger and much slower to work with and display).

35mm Slide and Film Negative Scanning to CD, DVD

35mm slides produce fantastic images but setting up the slide projector to view them is more than a little inconvenient. The slide projector and screen of the past have quickly been replaced by the DVD player and the television. Modern technology allows us this convenience through slide scanning. We'll take your 35mm slides, scan them at 2000 dpi (additional resolutions up to 4000 dpi available at additional charge) and return them to you along with a CD or DVD containing high resolution digital images of your slides. We can also scan your 35mm film negatives with the same process described above for 35mm slides.

Document Scanning

dac Video Productions can scan documents up to 8.5" x 11", and save the digital images in JPEG, GIF, BMP, or PDF formats. We can provide the images to you by e-mail, CD or DVD.

Photo Prints

We can reproduce your prints on semi-gloss or matte photo paper in three sizes:
4" x 6", 5" x 7" or 8" x 10".

Digital Slide Show Movie on DVD

Now that you've digitized your photos or slides, let dac Video Productions turn them into a movie you can see and hear on your television, home theater or personal computer. Enjoy the images with your family and friends!

We'll present the images (up to 250) in the same sequence you gave them to us, from beginning to end. Our editors will insert smooth transitions between the images so that they gently fade from one picture to the next. We'll also provide appropriate background music from our dac Video Productions' music library. We can even insert a simple title at the beginning of the Slide Show if you'd like. The combination of the music and the transitioning photos creates a beautiful effect that has the feel of a real movie. It's much more dramatic than a slide show using just the JPEG files.

Your completed Digital Slide Show Movie DVD will contain a themed, color-printed disc label housed in a slim-line protective case.

If you desire a more customized production for your family and friends to enjoy (or to celebrate a special occasion), please see our Photo Montage DVD packages.

Capture Digital Image from Video

Have a favorite scene on one of your videos? And no one snapped a photo? Let us help! We can freeze a frame of video and capture a digital image to make prints or share on the web. Please note that video is a lower resolution medium than photographs or slide scans, and will not produce high quality prints.

Transfer Digital Movie Files to DVD (from Digital Still Camera)

Today's digital still cameras allow you to shoot movies, too! We can take your collection of movie 'clips' and transfer them to a Data DVD to archive and preserve them for future viewing (and help you clear space on your camera's digital media card). Please note that your camera's video is most likely shot at a lower resolution than a digital video camcorder, and the video images on the DVD may be jumpy and poor.

Our Scanning and Photo Services FAQ section answers your questions about our processes and provides helpful hints for organizing and preparing your photos and slides for scanning and digital archival.

Photo, Slide, Negative and Digital Image Formats Supported:

Photograph prints Memory Stick® CD's & DVD's
35mm slides Secure Digital™ Photo CD's
35mm negatives MultiMedia Card™ Flash drives
Medium format negatives Compact Flash® Floppy disks
  Smart Media™ Cards