Professional, digital frame by frame transfer of
8mm and Super 8 films to DVD


Memories are forever...but film is not!

Still have a projector to watch those old 8mm and Super 8 home movies your father and grandfather loved? Does the projector lamp still work? Can you find the screen?

Transferring your old home movies to video (DVD) is something you will likely do only once. It is an investment in your family heritage to ensure that the precious memories captured on your films are preserved for future generations! And wouldn't you like to conveniently enjoy them with family and friends, by simply placing a disc in your DVD player and reliving the 'good old days' on your television?

Why not gather up those old reels and let dac Video Productions preserve those special memories on DVD? We'll not only convert the film, but we can edit out unwanted scenes, add titles and captions, background music...the choice is yours. It's a great gift for children and grandchildren!

Crisp, frame by frame digital film transfers without the flicker!

Transferring your precious home movie films is a two-step process: 1.) film capture and digital conversion and 2.) saving the digital video files to a DVD (or other digital formats). At dac Video Productions, we offer a digital, frame by frame transfer process to capture and convert your regular 8mm and Super 8 home movie films to digital video. We utilize specialized equipment to generate film transfers that are crisp, clear and flickerless! You will receive a high resolution, archival copy of your original film...that won't fade, break, burn or crack. This will allow you to safe keep your treasured films (see recommendations for film storage), but still enjoy the memories with your family and friends through the convenience of a durable DVD, enjoyed on your television or computer!

dac Video Productions serves clients nationally and also provides complimentary, in-person consultations for people located in Westlake, Rocky River, Bay Village, North Olmsted, Fairview Park, Lakewood, Olmsted Falls, and other Northeast Ohio cities including Cleveland, OH.

Our process to convert and transfer 8mm and Super 8 films to DVD

We start with a complimentary introductory meeting to discuss your film transfer needs and ascertain the scope of your project (based on the number of film reels you desire to transfer). During this consultation period, dac Video Productions will also work with you to determine the structure of your project.
(Please see our Helpful Planning Tools guide for information you can use to identify the type of films you have, their size and approximate running times). We'll be discussing items and options such as:

  • A Title for your project (to show on the DVD disc label and DVD chapter selection menu)
  • Direct transfer vs. restorative transfer methods
    • direct transfer—a digital, frame by frame transfer (best if your films have been well-cared for and are in good condition)
    • restorative transfer—a digital, frame by frame transfer AND manual, scene by scene corrections (color, brightness, contrast) by our technicians. Best for films which have exposure problems and/or have darkened or deteriorated over time.
  • Determining if you want a straight transfer of the footage or desire to have our editors remove unwanted blank or out-of-focus footage
  • Background music to compliment the silent footage
    • You supply your own music or we can download tracks for you. If you choose this option, we'll ask that you provide a list which matches the music track(s) to your films.
    • We own a complete library of royalty-free background music, with a variety of styles and themes to match the activity shown on the films. Examples of our musical styles/themes include: classical, comedy/kids, country, holiday, jazz, orchestral, period, pop, rock, world, and many more!
    • dac Video Productions can even produce a soundtrack of projector noise for those nostalgia buffs who wish to recall the 'old days' of viewing films with Dad's Bell & Howell projector!
    • We also offer you the option of identifying people and places from years gone by with a voice-over narration audio track.
  • NOTE: we can also transfer Super 8 sound film for an additional charge (see pricing schedule). ¬†Our frame-by-frame transfer process is non real-time, and as such any audio on the film cannot be captured at that time. To retrieve the audio, we must recapture the film in real-time, and manually re-synchronize the frame-by-frame video with the captured audio.
  • Please see Additional Services for other available options to enhance your film transfer project.

We'll then:

  • Inventory and catalog each film
    • at this stage, we'll share our findings with you, so that you have the opportunity to review the film descriptions/titles we will use to create the chapter selection menu. This step also allows you to determine the order of your films for playback. Most clients choose to view their films in chronological order, but any grouping preference can be accommodated
  • Inspect your film for any obvious damage
  • Re-spool film that has been rewound incorrectly
  • Replace worn or missing film leader*
  • Repair and/or re-splice any damaged film**
  • Clean and lubricate your film.

* Additional charges apply for multiple film leader replacements
** Additional charges apply for film(s) that require extensive splicing, cleaning and/or significant repair

8mm and Super 8 Films to DVD Transfer Process

Step One - Film capture and digital video conversion

We run each of your 8mm and/or Super 8 home movies through our specialized projection equipment to capture and convert each film to digital video files. We utilize MovieStuff's DV8 Sniper-Pro equipment to transfer film to video that is crisp, clear and flickerless!

Our frame by frame transfer process slows the speed of the film down significantly and captures each frame separately. Think of it as scanning or taking a digital picture of each frame. A frame by frame process will result in video that is an exact duplication of the film without any loss in quality. Each frame is individually imaged directly off the film through an enlarged gate so that the entire frame is visible. The film is illuminated using LED's so there is no damaging heat produced (as used to tbe the case with the old projector lamps). Your film is scanned slowly at only 6 to 8 frames per second, so there is little stress to older, fragile film. We carefully monitor the transfer from start to finish.

The quality of your film transfer ultimately rests with the condition of your film. Key elements include:

  • The type of film stock (Kodachrome, Ektachrome, Cinecolor, Fuji, etc.) originally used.
    • Kodachrome holds up the best over time.
  • How well the camera images were originally shot?
    • We cannot correct film that is blurry (out of focus) or shot out of frame.
  • How well the film was originally processed in the film lab?
    • Is the film underexposed (too dark)?
    • Is the film overexposed (too bright)?
    • Is the film grainy? Scratched?
    • We may be able to improve the quality of the image during the transfer process through the application of software filters (this option is available with our Restorative Transfer process).
    • We cannot correct film that was double exposed.
  • How were the films stored and cared for over the years?
    • Film can be prone to color fading and darkening through improper storage.
    • Film can shrink with age and deterioration.
    • Film emulsion can erode or wear away, and the image is lost forever.
    • Improperly stored film can also develop a white powder. This is called film acetate decomposition, and the presence of this powder will require a specialized cleaning before the film(s) can be processed. Additional charges will apply if this condition exists on your films.
    • Severely deteriorated film may be beyond the reach of even the most sophisticated restoration efforts.

Step Two - Create a DVD from your transferred films

Once the films have been captured and converted to digital files, we then begin to craft the DVD to your specifications. You'll receive an authored Film Transfer DVD with a Chapter Selection Menu(s) containing the Project Title name and menu buttons for choosing the specific films you'd like to view. Once a film is viewed, the DVD will automatically return to the Chapter Selection Menu, awaiting your choice for the next film to watch.

Keep in mind that we offer additional, 'ala carte' options for enhancing your DVD project...please see our Additional Services for details. The DVD disc will show the title of your project printed in color on the label, and will be housed in a slim-line protective case. We can also offer other "output" formats (Mini DV or Digital 8, VHS tapes)...just ask us or check our Pricing page for details.

With a Film Transfer project from dac Video Productions, your family and friends can watch those long-forgotten memories come back to life!

Helpful Planning Tools


Film Reel Identification Guide

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FilmType Guide

Our Film Transfer FAQ section answers your questions about our process and provides helpful hints for organizing and preparing your movies for a film transfer project.