Audio Cassette and Vinyl LP transfers and conversions to CD


Let dac Video Productions restore and transfer your treasured LP's and cassette tapes to CD

Why would you need audio transfer anyway?

  • Do you have a stash of old records you haven't listened to in years? Cassette tapes sitting in a box in the basement? Want to enjoy them again? We can help by transferring them onto CDs for easier listening
  • Do you have speeches, lectures or recorded meetings on cassette tape or microcassette that you would like to transfer onto CD? Imagine the convenience of listening to these CDs in your car or on your computer at work.
  • Do you have old cassette tape recordings of the voices of family or friends that you haven't heard in years? Are these tapes collecting dust in your attic because of the evolution of Compact Discs? Why not preserve these recordings onto CD to save for the future?

We can give your treasured recorded materials new life with an audio to CD transfer!
dac Video Productions serves clients nationally and also provides complimentary, in-person consultations for people located in Westlake, Rocky River, Bay Village, Avon, Avon Lake, and other Northeast Ohio cities including Cleveland, OH and it's Eastern and Southern suburbs.

dac Video Productions offers three levels of audio transfer:

Basic Audio Transfer...

Straight transfer. There are no individual track id's for songs or program material. This means that the listener could not navigate to the next song but would have to fast forward or listen continuously to get to a specific point on the CD. The typical LP or cassette tape transfer would include all of Side 1 as Track ID #1 and all of Side 2 as Track ID #2. A good choice for voice recordings or narratives.

Standard Audio Transfer...

Standard transfer includes individual track id's for songs or program material. This allows you to forward to the next track or song such as a retail CD would allow. No restorative steps are performed to enhance the audio. This option works best for audio materials that have been well cared for and require no audio filtering or correction.

Enhanced Audio Transfer...

Enhanced transfer includes individual track id's for songs or program material, and de-clicking and de-noising of music or program material to eliminate static sound that is found in old or badly damaged records and/or tapes. The results are dramatic and definitely recommended to improve the overall quality. This option is preferred by the majority of our clients.

Audio Transfer to CD Process

Step One - Audio Transfer

  • Each LP is thoroughly cleaned before being played. Each audio cassette or micro-cassette is inspected for any obvious damage.
  • Sound quality recording adjustments are made depending on the LP/Cassette.
  • The LP/Cassette is then recorded in digital format and encoded into digital audio files. Enhanced transfers include the removal of unnecessary noise such as hiss, clicks and pops.
  • The quality of the recording is checked to see how effective the restoration process was and further processing is made if needed.
  • Songs or recorded program materials are split up into tracks for jumping from song to song just like on a regular CD. We can divide your CD into tracks following either the layout of the original or any custom layout you specify. [Standard and Enhanced levels only]

Step Two - Audio Transfer

  • The encoded audio files are transferred at the slowest speed onto a CD with the songs or program segments listed in black on a basic, white disc label. Themed and Custom disc label options are available. Please see our Additional Services section for further details and information.
  • The CD is housed in a protective, slim-line case, ready to be played on your CD player.


Audio Formats Supported

  • Vinyl records (LP, 45)
  • Audio cassettes
  • Micro-cassettes

Note: We do not support 78 rpm discs, reel-to-reel, 8-track or DAT formats at this time.

Our Audio Transfer FAQ section answers your questions about our process and provides helpful hints for organizing and preparing your tapes and vinyl records for a audio transfer project.