Additional Video, Audio and Photo Services


dac Video Productions also offers the following additional video, audio and/or photo services:

Put the power of video to work for your company!

dac Video Productions offers a wide range of multimedia editing, production and presentation services to meet corporate and small business needs.

The integration of Visual, Sound and Motion, makes video one of the most effective and powerful tools for communicating your message to your employees and customers. It's a fast, inexpensive and highly professional way of telling the story of your business and encouraging customers to do business with YOU instead of your competition.

Whether it's a video brochure to promote your organization, or a motivational video montage to highlight individual or group employee achievements, we strive for excellence in every aspect by working closely with the client, as a team, to provide a high quality product that satisfies every need.

Services we can provide:

Seminar/meeting video presentations Customer testimonials on CD, DVD
  • Outsourced video, audio, & photo services:
    • video editing
    • video duplication
    • film, audio, photos, slides transfers to digital media
    • DVD, CD authoring
    • Image and document scanning
    • Photo manipulation, digital image
Sales/marketing presentations & promotions Business card CDs
New product introductions Education and training videos
Video brochures on DVD PowerPoint presentations
Video catalog on CD, DVD Insurance inventories
  Real Estate marketing

Ideas to consider:

Retirement Parties Company Profiles/History
Employee Tributes Video Retrospectives
Award Banquets Photo Montages
Anniversary Parties Documentaries

Contact dac Video Productions today to find out how your company can benefit from video. . .
and communicate with more impact!

Digitize your video and/or audio for streaming on the Web, file transfers, inclusion in presentations, playback on your portable video player…those are just a few reasons for encoding your video into different video file formats. It can be a real hassle to hook up your VCR or camcorder to a PC through a special graphics card and use complex computer software to convert a small portion of video into a file. You can spend a lot of time and money purchasing special hardware and software required to digitize your video (not to mention hours of frustration). Or, you can allow dac Video Productions to make the process simple and affordable for you!

Our Process

Step One

We capture, digitize and encode your video or audio according to your intended usage and file size/compression needs.
  • Supported video tape formats include: VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, Video8 (8mm), Hi8, Digital8 and Beta
  • Supported audio formats include: Vinyl (LP, 45’s), Audio Cassettes, Micro-Cassettes
  • Digital file formats include: MPG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, WMV, RMV, MOV, MPEG-4, AVI (uncompressed), WAV, MP3 and WMA

Step Two

The encoded digital files are transferred to an output media of your choice (CD or DVD). We can even e-mail the file(s) to you if necessary.

Start sharing your own creative abilities through the wonders of digital technology!

Do you have some old video tapes that still have meaning to you and need to be viewed in a different format? Let dac Video Productions update and/or change the tape format for you.

Our Process

Step One

We capture and digitize your video.
  • Supported video tape formats include: VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, Video8 (8mm), Hi8, Digital8 and Beta

Step Two

The digitized video is transferred to an output media of your choice (VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, Video8 (8mm), Hi8, Digital8 and Beta).

NOTE: We do NOT support Foreign Conversions (to/from NTSC, PAL, SECAM) at this time.

dac Video Productions offers fast, professional copies of your music, video or data on high quality CD or DVD media. We are not a high-volume duplication shop, so we limit each order to a MAXIMUM of 25 COPIES.

We also can make copies of videotapes (VHS, VHS-C, Digital-8, Video-8, Mini DV and Betamax formats are supported).

NOTE: We cannot duplicate copyrighted material without the express written permission of the copyright holder.

Don't forget to order multiple copies of your DVD packages! Not only do they make great gifts, it's a great insurance policy in the event your copy is lost or destroyed.

Add-ons, enhancements and options to help you customize your production!

Custom Video Editing (hourly rates)

  • We can cut out the unwanted parts, the footage accidentally taken with the lens cap on or the shots of the ceiling and floor (we've all done it!).
  • Or help you take hours of camcorder videotape and condense it down to a more manageable (and viewable) level.

Project Preparation Consulting

  • We offer a free, initial consultation to outline project requirements, discuss options, or brainstorm ideas.
  • However, if you're feeling overwhelmed by your project, we can provide more extensive, 'hands-on' assistance with selecting, organizing, or reviewing your materials with our Project Preparation Consulting services.

Background Music, Sound Tracks

  • You supply the music or we can download tracks for you.
  • Voice-over narration tracks.
  • For film transfers, we can even provide a soundtrack of projector sound effects
  • dac Video Music Library.
    • We own a complete library of royalty-free background music, with a variety of styles and themes, such as:
Classical Holiday Orchestral Rock
Comedy/Kids Jazz Period Techno/Dance
Country/Folk Latin Pop/Dance World
Fusion March/Patriotic R&B/Funk  
Futuristic New Age/Easy Rap/Hip-Hop  

Production Effects

  • Title Screens
  • Text captions
  • Personalized greetings/messages with scrolling text
  • Scene transitions — simple, special effect
  • Advanced video and audio effects
  • Add still images to project
  • Add clips of film/video to project.

Photo / Scanning Options

  • Image adjustments
  • Image repairs
  • Images archived and stored on CD, DVD
  • Additional CD, DVD copies
  • Thumbnail Album of your images
  • Add text captions to photos
  • Annotate (name) digital image files.

DVD Authoring Options

  • DVD Menus (basic, themed, custom)
  • Add Menu background music
  • Chapter buttons (standard, thumbnail, custom)
  • Chapter points (add more to project, customize location of chapter points)
  • Create looping DVD
  • Additional copies.

DVD Label Options — Choose from Basic, Themed, or Custom.

DVD Case Options — Choose from Slim-Line, Jewel and DVD (tall) cases with inserts.

Additional Media Output Options — Choose from DVD, CD, MiniDV, Digital8, VHS, Betamax.

Don't see it listed? Contact dac Video Productions for a free consultation. Share your vision with us, and we'll turn it into a reality!

We look forward to assisting you with your video, audio and photo needs!